Delving into the Abyss: A Journey through Horror Game Development

I hope this post finds you in the eerie glow of your monitor, deep into the shadows of your favorite horror games. As a passionate gamer and aspiring game developer, I wanted to initiate a spine-chilling discussion on the world of horror game development. Let’s unravel the mysteries, share our experiences, and maybe even conjure up some nightmarish ideas together.

:joystick: Favorite Horror Games:
To kick things off, what horror games have been haunting your dreams lately? Whether it’s the atmospheric tension of Silent Hill, the jump scares of Resident Evil, or the psychological twists of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, let’s delve into the darkness and share our favorite spine-tingling moments.

:milky_way: Horror Game Development Insights:
For those who have dared to step into the realm of horror game development, I’m eager to hear your stories. What challenges have you faced? Any tips for creating an immersive and terrifying atmosphere? Feel free to share your favorite tools, techniques, or even your most bone-chilling successes and failures.

:brain: Ideas and Concepts:
Let’s brainstorm together! If you have a killer idea for a horror game or a unique twist on a classic concept, spill the beans. Whether it’s haunted houses, otherworldly creatures, or psychological horror, this is the place to bounce ideas off each other and maybe spark some inspiration.

:video_game: Upcoming Horror Game Releases:
Are there any upcoming horror game releases that you’re eagerly anticipating? Whether they are indie gems or blockbuster titles, let’s compile a list of games that will keep us on the edge of our seats in the coming months.

:speech_balloon: Open Floor:
The forum is yours! Feel free to ask questions, share your own experiences, or discuss anything related to horror games and their development. Remember, the more twisted, the better!

Let the darkness consume us, and may our discussions be as chilling as the games we love. Share your thoughts, fellow horror aficionados!

Welcome to GD!

I’m new here also, so I haven’t in mind or in development any horror games, so I can cover only your first point (Favorite Horror Games) right now.

As a retrogamer, the only actual horror game that I’ve played and liked for both the atmosphere and mechanics are the first Alone in the Dark of 1992 (forget about the sequels) and the first Bio Hazard for PS1 (forget about the sequels, again), both of them for their large puzzle environment above the action one, and even the clue book/notes to solve the puzzles and beat some enemies. Their camera angle style was very suggestive also.

Another game is D (aka D the Game, or D no Shokutaku). Its totally oriented puzzle style and fixed first person scenes were very immersive.

Enemy Zero was a sort of sequel of D, but with an addition of a first person shooter element in the fixed scene environment. Even the idea of an invisible enemy was wonderful for me. It was a horror sci-fi themed.

Clock Tower for the Super Famicom is like a point-and-click. It’s very good points are the multiple endings and the Italian horror film oriented story.

All of them have a very intriguing and immersive story, far away from action games like Castlevania or gore/splatter humorous horror like the Elvira’s games.