Demo Game I've been working on

Enjoy this demo game I’ve been working on for a bit now. It’s still pretty early in development, and any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated (the name is just a placeholder)

Problematic Pixels (Demo) by InsaneOwl (


Hi, I love the game idea, and the pixel art, good job, keep going.

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I like it. Neat graphics, you introduce new elements one at a time and the difficulty slowly increases. I’m looking forward to more levels :smiley:

Ideas -

  • Bubbles (to jump into and get lifted higher)
  • Trampoline (maybe one that can be pushed around?)
  • Teleporters
  • Objects that need to be pushed into place to [partially] fill gaps that are otherwise too wide/high
  • Other animated or moving objects (like sheep?) that player can bounce on to get higher

I can probably come up with more if you like this type.

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Thanks! I really like those ideas, and will definitely put at least most of them into the game somehow (in a way that fits of course)

I’ve added you’re ideas to my trello board!

Great job on the tutorial, it’s well scripted.

This is how my game looked seven months ago, I would suggest implementing all of the mechanics first and then move to the level creation phase… you never know what cool interactions will lead to ideas or limitations and you don’t want to have to redo your levels because the mechanics change.

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Looks great, and I dunno man, I kind of like that name. Haha. It’s kinda catchy which I would not have expected from anything with “pixel” in the title. So good job! :slight_smile: