Desktop builds are timed out!

Hi guys,
I am having problems creating desktop builds from my Mac. I have managed to create games from the same projects before but suddenly I can’t do builds with various problems.
My builds are timed out. After the “Should be finnished soon…” nothing happens for a while and then the process is timed out. I don’t even get a log file to download.

The second game does actually create an app without errors, that I can download and install, but when running the app in Windows it will crash when playing a video file. The app works perfectly when running in a browser but not as a standalone app.

Any ideas what can have happened?

Additional info: I am running GDevelop 5.3.198 on an M1 Macbook Pro.

Edit: I have also deleted GDevelop and made a new install, but it still times out during build.
I tried to download the log files from build, but nothing happens when I click the download button.
I also tried to save my project to the cloud but nothing happens. The editor goes black. I do not have any problems with my Internet connection, as suggested by GDevelop.



While I generally build locally, I’ve tested using the services and am not having any issues with builds right now, although I’m on windows.

Is your project over ~200mb?

Yes, almost all my projects are over 200 MB but I usually manage to stay below 1000 MB which I believe is the limit of Electron builds?. Actually I would prefer to build manually but I can’t install Electron build on my computer (Mac) for some strange reason. I tried to install Yarn, but it says I don’t have permission to do that and I have tried other ways, so I gave up after several attempts.

Anyways, I don’t think that there is a general problem with, because I have managed to install a new test project, but I can’t build my old projects that urgently need updates. What can I do?



I don’t know that there is anything to be done, but the maximum project build size of the online build server for is only about 200mb per project. Edit: Thanks to clem for clarifying, the limit is on builds, not all builds, although there can still be timeouts.

Anything larger generally will timeout or outright get a 500 rejection error.

You may have to build locallly going forward.

Hey there, just to clarify a few things, online builds are limited to 250MB only for web builds (going to

There is no limit on the Desktop & Mobile builds.

If you’re saying the build gets stuck in “should be finished soon”, it’s possible the server used to build your game takes too much time and times out (possibly because of the size of your game indeed)

Could you share the IDs of the builds that time out so we can check what may have happened?
You can find the ID in your list of exports, it looks like this: “43f59ac5-4d7d-4521-a3bc-9094cb9e61f0”

(If you can’t find it, your game name and username, so we can find it ourselves)


Hi Clement,
Thanks for reaching out. Here are two of my IDs: