Desktop game runs poorly on Windows 11?


I have a big project which uses many objects and event sheets. My specs:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel UHD Graphics

I exported my games to Desktop (Windows, .ZIP) and when I Iaunched it, the game works PERFECTLY fine without any noticeable lags.

Then, when my friends want to playtest the game, the game lags insufferably (playing the same exact build). My friends’ specs:

Friend A
OS: Windows 11
RAM: 16 GB

Friend B
Acer Aspire
OS: Windows 11

(These specs are the only information that I could obtain from them as of now)

Both of them claimed to have suffered a tremendous FPS drops and lags when playing the exact same build I played. My hunch is that the problem is with Windows 11 but I am not too sure. How is my DELL laptop with integrated intel and a 4GB RAM can run the game build so well compared to my friend’s beastly laptops?

Is this common?

Thank you for your time.

Maybe their GPU doesn’t recognize the game?

It could be a GPU compatibility issue causing the game to run poorly on Windows 11. Have you considered checking out for any updates or tips on optimizing gaming performance? They might have some helpful insights or solutions to get your game running smoothly again!

This is an issue that i keep complaining about, its an engine thing.

GDevelop has some next level random performance issues.

It could be a GPU issue, but its on GDevelops side, something just dosent add right, something like alt tabbing in and out can trigger horrible fps once second and then perfect fps the next.

This happens on both Desktop and mobile.