Development Builds in are unusable for Mobile testing

Im not sure if this counts as a bug, but im pretty sure its unintended at the very least…

…also, i dont mean to be a jerk, but how the heck has this not been reported or noticed yet? :frowning:

If you upload a test build to and then open it on mobile, the game will open in fullscreen with the overlay saying its a test build and a bit after the feedback button pops up. This all works awesome… except for the feedback button.

The feedback button is pretty big and sits on the screen no matter what, you can make it smaller but you cant close it or move it somewhere else.

The position of the feedback button is right where anyone would place mobile controls, making it impossible to test mobile games since you cant acess your button properly.

This setup works great for PC testing, but mobile testing is aweful :frowning:

Please make the button moveable if possible or at the very least, make it just say “Give Feedback” and place it at the top of the screen, usually bottom left, right and middle will be where you put controls, some times theres HUD elements on the top center, but its more likely to have HUD elements on the top left and right, even if theres center elements, its better to have those covered than your actual game controls.

Workarround method:
Home/Manage Games then deactivate: “Ask for feedback on all build pages”.
Then the feedback button shouldn’t disturb you anymore for touchscreen testings on dev builds.