Dialogue system

can you post an example project file? One of the things that has always discouraged me from doing a story system in construct2 or gamedevelop is the lack of an example file that outlines the set up.

The hard part for me is writing the interpreter in a way that it can be reused for different npcs.

Did you download sources I provided? There is message system example here. And it uses 2 NPCs, so it is possible to add more as well.

is it using an external text file though?

No it’s not. it is using a structured variable. But you can go with an external file as well. In my case it will probably be a json imported and parsed as 4ian teached. In other words, darkhog example can work with an external file, it’s the matter of adding a couple of actions (and providing an external file of course)
As to me. I still have to find time to actually take a pencil and draft a micro-story for my example/exercise. Once it is done i’ll provide it here on the forum.

One thing bothers me (yes another one! :blush: ). I’m actually trying to figure out how to make two-ways dialogs and mantain an easy to manage database. I imagine i’ll figure out actually making it, but if someone has suggestion in the meantime…

Well, using structured variable has that advantage that people can’t easily mess around with your story and make from kid-friendly game make game that is totally NSFW. Plus, you can adjust story directly in editor without having notepad opened (or other text editor).

Yes. It means data >inside< the game itself. In my case means also, a nightmare to translate (something I’m not sure I’ll do), and a less comfortable editing environment.

Those are the reasons I keep it an external file in multimedia fusion’s project.
In the matter of day and very little research I was able to put together an NPC system that uses and external file in order to read all the dialogue, animated avatars to spawn,sound effects, type of npc player locking and so on.
This same job would be way more complicated to do in gamedevelop. I dare you to make an example file that doesnt contain more than like 100 lines of logic.

Post the logic of your MMF game and we’ll see how can we achieve it using GD. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the way multimedia fusion displays logic does not allow to simply make a screenshot the way it is with GD. You will need a copy of multimedia fusion 2.5 in order to open the file and analyze the way the code is structured.

I would send that to your email 4ian, if you are interested :slight_smile:

Having something similar as an example file in GD would score major points for those who want to use it for making rpg games or any game where you need an NPC system - one that is both easy to use and manageable when you have a lot of text that needs to be written and edited outside of GD. This is a must for workflow on a big story based game imo.

I know this thread is getting old, but is there any more talk on examples/efficient systems for incorporating dialogue and story (i.e., text) into GD games? I’d be very interested to continue this conversation as it’s something I’d like to smooth out with GD…

I haven’t got a lot of time for game developing right now, but in a few months I hope to take a more concentrated stab. That’s supposed to be an excuse as to why I’m not exploring this more on my own right now! Haha. So if anyone has any more examples or ideas to share on this front, I’d really love to hear them!

Surely this could be easier than it is right now… Though I admit I haven’t yet looked thoroughly at using JSON files; maybe I’m assuming it’ll be more of a pain than it really is?


Anyone making an RPG right now, or any game with complex dialogue?

Good solution. I there a way to make that every time a press C key, it navigates sprites by frame? I’d like to make the conversation proceeds just when the player wishes to

Hey! This topic is from 2014, I am pretty sure most of the person involved forgot that already :wink:. Try to read the wiki, and if it’s not enough try also to make your own topic and link this one instead of replying. This will get attention of more recent users if you make your own as only those are marked as new/unread! For dialogues, we now have the Dialogue Extension powered by yarn. Take a look at it on the wiki :slight_smile: