Did "Origin Points" change or am i remembering wrong?

Im sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this… but did something change about Origin Points?

I could almost swear that objects would snap to grid to their origin point and not just to the top left corner of the bounding box… or am i just getting old and my brain coming up with stuff? lol

I think i remember changing the points to better place my objects… and that the coordinates on the editor (when you mouse over an object and it tells you the position in X and Y) were also from the origin point and not from the bounding box corner… or again… am i just having some sort of Mandela effect?

Is this when you are in the editor with grid on and drag an object? If so,the corner of the object closest to the mouse snaps to the grid.

So if the mouse is clicked in the top right quarter of the object, then it’ll snap to the top right corner to the grid. And likewise for the 3 other quarter areas. Hope that made sense and that it’s what you are wondering about.

Thank you, that did make sense, so it does snap to the corner of the box… i could almost swear it was snapping to the origing point… guess im just remembering wrong…

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Reason im digging this up is just for future reference.

I was right, something did change, but im guessing it was an unintended bug that already got fixed.

When hovering over an Object in the Editor… The X and Y Position shown in the tooltip and the X and Y Position of the Origin Point of that Object, not of the top left corner of the bounding box.

…i was almost sure this is how it worked since this is how i tend to center things like my “Retro Game Logic” logo.

I set the Origin Point to the center of the sprite and then set the X Position of the logo to half of the screen size, and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

So glad this was fixed and so quick!! :smiley: