Didn't encounter the expected bug

In the tutorial to add checkpoints to our game. I was expecting this bug:

But I didn’t come across any such bug, even though I followed the same steps. The following gif shows how the Player doesn’t get stuck in the ground in my game:


Given below are the events:

Please let me know where I am wrong. Since, I didn’t come across the bug so I couldn’t completely understand the solution to it.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Interesting, the player object is clearly higher than the cactus so when you set the Y position of the player to be the same as the cactus it should in theory place the player in to the ground. Maybe the platformer behavior have been improved since and it is preventing it from happening in which case we need to update the wiki if the bug is no longer happening. Unfortunately I can’t edit the wiki any more :sob:

I shall test and update the documentation.

@ddabrahim and @sahibkaur I have updated the documentation now. Please check and ping me if there is any error or difficulty in understanding. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks, looks great :+1:

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@Nilarjun I couldn’t understand it.
As the doc states:
This may not show you any problems at first glance, but you will notice that the player character does get stuck in the ground but gets teleported to the nearest surface. If the height difference was high, the character might have fallen below the ground. So, it’s better to fix this problem.
like the Player gets stuck and also gets teleported? Could you please explain this?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, the player character’s position is exactly as shown in the image present in the documentation in the case of this bug. But it doesn’t get stuck. It moves to the closest surface. So if the height of the cactus was too less, the player would have fallen below the ground.

Try it. Decrease the height of the cactus further using scale/resize feature. Then see the preview. The player will fall below the ground. The player doesn’t get stuck anymore due to an update in the platform behavior.

Yes, it does. I tried it and the Player actually falls below ground if the height of cactus is too low, as written in the doc. Nice update :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!

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