Difference between "Play Sound" and "Play Music File"

Hi! Is there a real difference between playing a looping background music using “Play Sound” on a fixed channel and “Play Music File”.?
I’ve observed that when using “Play Music”, a little gap happens between each loop, but not with “Play Sound”, so if ther is no real performance impact using either, I’ll choose the later for my game.

In general, Play Music event actions are meant for streamed audio or for very memory limited situations. Not due to GDevelop, but due to how the libraries used for audio works in Browsers/Electron.

Play Sound is functionally the same, but keeps the audio loaded in memory. This means looping will occur without pauses, but can also lead to heavy memory usage if you have a ton of large audio files and preload them.

(Edit: Updated for 2023 with new understanding and fixes having since been made)