Difference between WithThreeJS and built in GDevelop 3D engine?

Hello there,
I’ve been using Pandako’s extension for a while, and then now there’s a slightly different 3D editing inferface present in the program itself.

As topic name, what are the differences between them?
I noticed the built-in one has a much simpler interface (relatively…).
Are the differences in end goals? 3D technology targets? (Like will one of them try to support complex things like shaders)

I’m looking to create a Duke Nukem 3D-like experience with simple texture support that can change on the fly, billboarding sprite, fog, maybe import a few voxel models …

Here’s a screenshot of Duke3D:

Any input on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time!

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I admit. I have very little experience with either technique. But if I had to place a bet then I would bet on Gdevelop in the long run.

I have great hope for built-in 3D. There’s great potential but they’re way behind dedicated 3D apps and it will take time, resources and commitment. It might also take some major revisions to the editor’s UI. Right now they’re trying to do 3D in a 2D editor.

If they stick to it. There’s great potential. They’re very responsive to user feedback and suggestions. A built-in feature should be stabler, quicker and remain compatible unlike a 3rd party extension.

Having 3D built-in is also liable to discourage 3rd party developers unless they adapt their code to take advantage of the new Gdevelop features and code. The problem for 3rd party developers now is unless they work with Gdevelop everything they add could become made obsolete with a single Gdevelop update that adds built-in features for things currently only available via an extension.

I would check to see what the 3rd party’s plan is and whether they plan on maintaining and improving their extension to take advantage of Gdevelop’s updates.

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Thanks for your insight Keith.

I read the extension’s itch.io page (which is so long I can never remember the contents) and found this:

I don’t know the team of built-in 3D team’s goals, but “simple rendering” fits what I’m looking for.
I will post their reply here (if they reply).

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