Difficult Platformer Games ~ Twisted Mirror, Unicode, and All You Need to Know


I’d like to show my projects I have done in GDevelop over the years. They all tend to be painful and difficult for their own reasons. All can be found at Garenburg - A Wonderful World and the games are:

  • It Is Too Dark - first project, somewhat decent. Use a light to see the player and obstacles.
  • Unicode - second project, full on game with 8 worlds and bosses. Extremely difficult platformer, where the world is made of words.
  • All You Need to Know - third project, still in development however. This is a remake/sequel to It Is Too Dark. The game will be finished eventually, although an older tech demo with 17 levels is available (the game is being greatly revamped).
  • Twisted Mirror - fourth project, with more levels and features planned. Use two sides of a screen to navigate the player to a portal, as your movement is mirrored on each side and some platformers are only visible on some sides.

If you do play any of the projects, I hope you enjoy them!