Disable text input

I’m trying to set a text input as disabled, tried using this event
But no matter if I set it to yes or no, I still can write on it

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It looks like a bug. I tested it on my phone with the web version and I couldn’t disable it.

You can disable it through the properties panel but then I couldn’t enable it with the action. The action seems to have no effect.

I can’t seem to change the disabled setting either. I didn’t even know the difference with actions.


I don’t like the “usually”.

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I think that’s just because some systems can highlight text that isn’t already able to be highlighted within the app that’s running.

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The input object is different for some reason. It’s more device dependent and is rendered on top of everything. So, I guess like emoticons it may appear slightly different on other OSes and maybe browsers . I’m assuming there’s a reason behind it like compatibility, security or just the way input is handled on a web page.

Well luckily for my project putting it in a coordinate far away worked, thanks still!

It seems to be a bug. Do you want to change the caption and catagory to bug?

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