DisColors - A game made with Gdevelop

My game DisColors going to be released with in 4-5 days. This game will be really very awesome and mind challenging .
It will have 60 levels. It took me about 30 days to complete the game
This game has already been sponsored by a famous html-5 game publisher. Actually this game is made on demand by that publisher.
Hope so you people like it

Good luck my friend, hope you tell us how it’s going :smiley:

Great man, i like this idea! When i will can play?

Good luck! Can you post the play link, please?

Thanks for good response.
Due to some reason from publisher I’m restricted to disclose the link here until the game published on their portal.
-I think It will take about a week or more for the game and then I’ll place play link here

I’m very happy to have this deal as it’s my first deal and first earning of few thousand dollars. :sunglasses:

Seems nice ! Good job by finding a publisher !

I also like :laughing:

Looks really good! :smiley:
Can I add it to the games gallery on the website? :slight_smile: If you agree just send me a private message with the screenshot that you’d like me to add on the website :slight_smile:

Any news from the publisher about the release date?

Yes you can, It’s my pleasure but please what a while.

I was little busy in translating the game in 11 languages and fixing some sound issues in Apple devices… It takes now only few days more to release the game.

I hope you people like it after playing it :smiley:

screen shots in french language.

This project is really great, i’ve just tested it this morning and can’t stop playing it ! Even if it’s basic on interaction/animation and visuals, it’s perfectly smooth on my alcatel onetouch idol 3.

Great job, it’s a great success for GDevelop and you :slight_smile:

Is there a link to the game that I could add on the website? :slight_smile:

idk for the author nor his publisher, but the game is here on the playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.napa.color

Mmm, this doesn’t look like the screenshots originally published in this thread. That’s a shame, I’d like so much to try the game - it looks really cool :slight_smile:

My bad… dates are related.

Finally the game has released on softgames.de

Desktop Browser Play Link: http://publishers.softgames.com/en/games/discolors
Mobile Browser Play Link http://games.softgames.de/discolors/

Enjoy it :slight_smile:

Sincerely, crazy easy… Needs to get like x100 harder, and also tooooooooo much ads, 15seconds to clear a stage, and then like 30seconds of ads every 1 or 2 stages… I’m talking of the browser version.

I agree xai1985, there are too much ads, If possible then I’ll publish here the ad free version.

As far as the game-play you said that it’s too easy, as the game has about 60 levels and each level is designed in such a way that it stimulate player to unlock more levels.

If I add difficult levels at the start OR I just increase the difficulty rapidly on the start levels then the Gamer give it a try or two and leave the game. Initial Game levels should be rewarding to player to increase it’s confidence for more difficult next levels. Game play should be like up and down increasing curve graph to make the player engaging and excited.

Ok if horror game continuously scares you all the time in the gameplay then tell me do you scare all the time, obviously not and you’ll leave the game why? because you have lose excitement.
Scariness is key which horror games trigger at specific time with increasing advancement in it to keep you engaging and keep playing more and more.

It’s called gameplay pace Curve, search it.

And finally thanks for your valuable feedback :slight_smile:

hahaha, yeah, about the dificult of a game you must thing if the players will be specially skilled or dumbasses XD :stuck_out_tongue:, i was also worried about the difficult of my puzle game Proty, and i don’t think that everybody can finish it… :laughing: If there is a version with less ads i’ll play it till the end and tell you what i think about the dificult level. :smiley:

Fun game to kill time! Great job! :slight_smile: