[Discussion] Browser gaming vs Web3.0?

Hello everyone! :wave:
I think it’s no sacramental secret that in the past years browser gaming has been greatly undermined by Mobile apps in terms of volume & audience.

Some research (that I’m not claiming to cover all aspects) indicates following key complexities that lay as the foundation for this:

Unresolved monetization question - it’s a hassle to implement payments inside the browser compared to “ready-to-go” POS inside Mobile. And besides technological aspects there is also a behavioral factor - users are not “accustomed” to paying in browser games, as historically browser gaming is the usual synonym for “free” time killer where you mindlessly click-away while standing in the queue or waiting for your bus.

Optimization issues - Different browsers and updates. As well as an open question on how to efficiently store game progress (LocalStorage? Can be flushed and it lacks mobility… How about generating some “in-game progress code” users have to write down and remember? Well, that’s just bad UX)

But as we’re living in the advent of Web3.0, I was wondering if there is any multi- or single-player project trying / thinking of integrating blockchain into their browser game to alleviate the hurdles above?
Like identifying user based on his wallet or storing game data directly on-chain… ?

And how do you think browser gaming will change in the coming years?

Would love to hear your thoughts on all this :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I believe there are plenty of blockchain-based games already, but this is not the right place to discuss it, as there is no such feature in GDevelop for now, and I’m not even sure it’s on the roadmap.

i think the block chain is hyped up.

as far the future of browser games? i think it will become the standard. more and more engines are support webgl, webgpu is coming.

in my own experience, if i submit a game to a game jam, i get literally 100x more plays if it’s browser based than if it’s download only.

but i am looking at all this from the perspective of an indie who wants people to play my games, not a capitalist who wants to monetize every second of my players’ lives with endless microtransactions.

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