Discussion mainly about GDevelop mobile apps

I wonder who has been talking about GDevelop’s recent mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store so I post this one here, maybe don’t just delete this without replying anything, especially your viable thought to delete or attack.

So, firstly, which part of GDevelop’s mobile version is already open source? And what is this version about anyway? What is GDevelop’s web version plus?

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The mobile app is a closed source fork of the engine, made for (and made possible by) paid subscribers to the GDevelop company online services. It is best to think of it as “GDevelop mobile” a separate app forked from the source code and not “Gdevelop on mobile”.

There are a lot of features that are available for free tier account holders, but it is limited compared to the free engine itself or the web version.

This isn’t a thing that exists, there is no “web version plus”.

To be clear, the forums here are for specific discussion threads on specific topics. People aren’t going to consolidate all discussion to this thread. If you have separate questions unrelated to the stated topic of your thread here, generally you should make a new thread for that topic.

Okay and seems I forgot to add “mobile app” over there. Oh b.t.w, you guys aspiring for this mobile app to be ad-free?

The mobile app is ad-free currently. It’s subscription based.

If you mean if the GDevelop team intends to make an ad-supported version that is free, no, there are no announced plans for that.

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Oh well so, you can call that mobile version “closed source” just because you ported the web version to Android and iOS executables, right? Btw I was meaning was there anything additional, in addition to the web version or something or just the modification of functions

So, heard that your people called both the build service and the analytics or something - which I may say are part of the GDevelop’s online service - ‘closed source’, in this forum recently, oof well now I would like to ask if:

How did you guys build up the infrastructure behind these online services? Is that including any, or all third-party software? If so, how much of them are open-source or proprietary? And do you guys have anything of your own adding to these services, like writing your own software, or modifying these third-party software, or scripts just to be used by these software, or to create tasks controlling these software or something, in particular for the build service?

[Maybe this can be considered continuation to the last time you talked or something]

  1. There is no “your people”. I’m just a community member.
  2. Yes, the online build server is part of GDevelop (the company’s) services, which also includes the cloud storage, analytics system, and other things as listed on the gdevelop.io web page talking about subscriptions.
  3. By the definition of it being closed source, I don’t know that they’re going to tell you what services or system they use. That’s up to members of the GDevelop company team to decide.