Displacement maps?

Where do I find displacement maps? I’m looking for one that has that water - wavy effect, like in Earthbound backgrounds

If this can’t be achieved through displacement maps, is it possible to achieve in gdevelop?

You might be better off looking at the “reflection” layer effect, you could just make that full height and set the water amplitude how you want.

That said, displacement maps are a general game dev/art thing, not a GDevelop specific thing. I’d say do some googling for a displacement map texture that matches your needs, then you’d use the displacement map filter and some events to scale up/down the X/Y axis over time, or move the camera back and forth for that layer only.


I made my own displacement map and i got the effect i wanted. Thanks for the help!

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What the tanj is a displacement map???

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Layer Effects [GDevelop wiki]. Refer to the displacement section here.