Do GDevelop users can be called programmers?

My friend told me that I need to have an understanding of a programming language to be called a programmer. Since GDevelop has the ability to create games without a programming language and although I never had the chance to use JavaScript to extend its capabilities (which is awesome btw). So what do we call GDevelop users??

Being called programmers may be debateable, but folks using GDevelop to make games can definitely be called Game Developers.


I’d say it is fine to call a GDevelop user a programmer. After all, GDevelop is an abstracted way to describe logic, so that, in the end, it can be translated to instructions a computer can understand. And guess what? Programming languages are just that as well. All of them are an easier and abstracted way to describe logic.

GDevelop events are even equivalent to writing code, the only difference is that you select functions and instructions with your mouse instead of typing out their names on a keyboard.

Sure, you may not be able to get a job as a programmer with GDevelop, but that is not a matter of visual scripting or not, that is a matter of each job asking for a specific language - the same holds true for any other programming language. For example, having years of experience with IDL won’t get you a job as a Python engineer, and having done a Python formation will not get you a job as an Elixir engineer.

Anyone who says that GDevelop is not programming is either ignorant and just saying this because GDevelop does not conform with their idea of “the programmer typing lines after lines of green text in his basement”, or a programmer holding a stigma against things that are “new and different” - just like my grandfather who used to be a software engineer and, to this day, still does not acknowledge as a programmer anyone that uses anything else than either machine code or assembler.


I really agree with @arthuro555 's speech.

In addition, I would remember that some languages are “interpreters” (as Python), not “compilers” (as C++). That said, thinking about themselves as programmes could be so arrogant. Maybe, real programmers could be those who are able to write in assembly.

Moreover, I know there’s an Italian youtuber called Samuele Sciacca, who creates apps for agencies as a job, and those apps were created using Construct, which is basically the same as GDevelop.

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