Do saved files stay in the game even after exporting and publish?

If it’s in the project folder, I want it to. Let’s say I had a saved text and put it into the assets folder, would it save after exporting and publishing?

Only resources registered in GDevelop’s resource manager will be copied on export.

Is there away the file could go in there?

Method 1:

You can do something like creating a sprite or font object and it will ask you to select a image or font.

Then instead you select anything else…

It works but at the resource panel the file will be threated as image or font or whatever method you’ve used to get the file.

Method 2 (?):

There is maybe the possibility to edit the .json file to manually register it in the resource manager?

That’s an idea. But currently, I don’t even know where to find the JSON file of saved variables.

I got another solution for it. I can receive the text from the saved text then put it in a variable. Or whatever text I can get it on, then I convert the variable. That’s the simplest thing I’ve seen.

Btw ignore my last reply, I figured it out.