Do you change size of Sprites in Gdevelop or in an image processing program?

For example, if you use a saw in three different sizes in your game, 100px, 150px and 200px. Do you have this sprite in three different sizes (Sprite Objects in Gdevelop) or do you have one size (one sprite object) and change the size in Gdevelop with properties for this Sprite?

Some differences in preformence to have three sprites in different sizes and not scale them inside Gdevelop compared to having one size that you scale inside Gdevelop to the three different sizes?

Any difference in image quality to scale it outside Gdevelop in an image processing program (PhotoShop, Gimp) and have three variants or scale it inside Gdevelop?

There isnt a diffrerence in image quality, the quality will change depending on the size no matter what the source is once you put it in gdevelop.

Having the different sizes will be better then making extra events for performance.

So it depends on your vision for what the image is for, if you want to make multiples with diferent, random, sizes, then make it using events.

If its a static object, that you only need 2 or 3, then just put them on piskel, resize and make the 3 different objects, its pretty quick and simple to do.