Do you use chat bots for help?

I know this isn’t directly about Gdevelop but when you’re stuck, do you use a chat bot like ChatGPT for help? My issue is more about trig functions than Gdevelop. I also don’t necessarily want an answer. I want math help.

I find that with Gdevelop they’re highly unreliable. Often suggesting events that don’t exist in Gdevelop. Although, at times it would be helpful if they did.

My question is “Do you have a chat engine that you prefer?” I’m currently using ChatGPT and ClaudeAI both are weak with Gdevelop although that doesn’t stop them from answering my questions.

I usually ask for the answers in javaScript because it’s easy for me to read and convert in my head to Gdevelop.

I’ve found AI chat bots aren’t good for GDevelop. For one because they can’t generate the events or project. But also because they lack the knowledge - GDevelop isn’t a script language, in that the conditions and actions aren’t text. They’re selected from a list of options. So there isn’t a great deal for these bots to work with.

Contrast that with standard programming languages, of which there are scripts galore for the AI bots to feed on.

I’m picking up Python at work for a Data Engineering project, and I’ll refer to ChatGPT when I’m not getting much luck with standard searches. The current version of ChatGPT (3.5) isn’t always reliable when it comes to producing error free samples.

And it’s knowledge is a couple of years behind, which means it doesn’t know about any recent updates. However, it often helps in pointing me in the right direction search-wise, providing other terms to use or ideas to pursue with the standard searches.

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Yeah. I didn’t think about the old data. I think Claude AI is fairly up to date but then even Google doesn’t give you a lot of results for Gdevelop. It’s mostly just the forum.

I ask for the code in JavaScript. It formats it nicely. My questions are either about a strategy or a formula. I can translate the code.

I’m currently messing around with isometric to standard x,y and neither bot has been consistent and it’s mostly just math. It’s not platform specific.

I feel like the bots are too timid sometimes. You just question something and it changes its answer even if it’s correct.

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I tested a lot of bots. Some had an ugly or difficult UI. One didn’t let you highlight text. It showed a pop-up menu. You had to copy everything. Sometimes all I need is 1 line. Another one was more like a search engine. It couldn’t really “think”. It just pulled the information. It was unfortunate because it added links to the source. But, it was too slow and limited.

I use ChatGPT for javascript in GDevelop but I either tell it to do general javascript things that are not particular to GDevelop, or I show it a piece of my GDevelop javascript code so it can understand a bit of how it works and then I ask the questions.

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By any chance is the one that looks like a search engine the Bing chat?

No, it’s

Bing’s is ok. IDK if I tried it with code.

That’s what I like particularly like about ChatGPT and what separates it from the general search engines. I’ve given it a metadata schema and asked it to generate code that will create test data that fits the schema. And it did, which saved me a good part of a day’s work.

And then you can add tolerances to introduce some erroneous data for testing. Something that would take me quite a bit of thought and time.

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So it’s not a coder replacement, but an assistant. It often makes mistakes with the code it produces, and I wonder if this is from the incorrect code it’s been fed that people have asked help with.

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With Gdevelop, I think it lacks enough information and it finds something that’s similar and uses it. I got a little peeved the one time because it actually told me that it had just tried it in Gdevelop and it worked. Really? You just tried it? It admitted that it basically lied. It’s always “as an AI I can’t …”

Is it learning to lie, in a manner that a child does? Blatant easily proven lies to start, but they become more sophisticated and harder to detect as the child grows. Will we see the same happening with these chat bots?

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It’s creepy. It happened more than a few times. If it’s dataset includes lying even for fun. It’s going to do the same. They also repeat racist and sexist things.

I asked one for jokes that you might hear in other countries and it made several that played on racist stereotypes. I was hoping for actual jokes translated into English.

yes I used chatgpt to help me with a spawning events that was giving me trouble. I find it can be helpful but only if you already familiar with gdevelop and I wouldn’t rely on it.

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I will die before I use an AI to generate words or pictures for me. I find the idea abhorrent.

That’s fine. AI is just a tool. I was opposed to it on the art side but after playing with AI I realized how varied each image it generates is. I expected it to be more like Google image search but the creations are unique. It’s actually difficult at times when you try to get something that looks like you want. Obviously, it’s your choice.

Coding wise it’s weak. Even with Javascript, you have to double check it. I’ll sometimes ask it to see if code can be optimized or for it to explain what a snippet of code or individual function does. It’s better at explaining functions or suggesting functions than creating code.

I was trying to make a function to convert between isometric and 2D. It was infuriating. It should’ve been simple for it to create the math. Two different AIs couldn’t create a simple formula. The language was unimportant. I can translate between Javascript and GDevelop.