Does gdevelop apk runs well in android?

Games that are exported as “apk” from gdevelop
runs so well and smooth on my phone(lollipop)

But when I try to play the game(any) on a phone
that containing a higher version of android than lollipop
it’s starts lagging.:disappointed_relieved: And some games are totally unable to play in that situation.:persevere:

But I’ve tested only three devices. So, Could you guys please take some time to test?
And are games runs OK on your devices??

I can test on my huawei p8 lite 2016



where is the link?
Ive noticed some lag, bit in older phones not in mewer ones? I thought it had to be with hardware :sweat_smile:

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I have Oreo, no problem with it so far.

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Where is the link ?.

I meant any game (exported from gdevelop) Bouh…

well it is supposed to work, but I think noone have tested all :thinking: :rofl: :sunglasses:

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Oh ok !
I’ve exported lot of games, and it’s work well, maybe when the game is slow the game need to be optimized.
Can you list the model and the version of android for each phone ?

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Ok, thanks. But I can’t give the list now. Maybe later.

what game? Can I get them from any other source apknite… to test?