Does multiplayer have to be disconnected games?

I’ve noticed all multiplayer games except sandbox games and co-op games, npcs don’t recognize that they have given away an item or that there are multiple distinct players. Would it be possible to make an mmo where if something it moved, everybody moves it. If somebody opens a trapdoor, everybody can see the trap door, where if an npc tells a player something, they can tell the next player that somebody else came asking for the same info earlier, or if the npc gives away a unique awesome blade, the player has to retrieve it from the player who took it? Is this possible? (I know it wouldn’t be practical if executed wrong.)

It’s technically possible to implement some of these ideas. To the best of my knowledge, there seem to be some nifty server-related ways of implementing some of this. Though, MMOs themselves are a difficult game to make unless one keeps it pretty simple. 3D MMOs especially.

According to my knowledge i think this can be done by using global variable and events. It cannot be that hard .For example if trapdoor opened,set the boolean global variable of npc "Trapdoor"True and if player interacts with npc and “Trapdoor” is true then allow these dialogues of npc to come

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