(Doki Flash) A small 2D platformer with Leaderboard!

Hi everyone, I present to you a simple and small 2D platformer game called Doki Flash! You play as a small light who are looking to collect all Yellow Orbs the faster as you can for each level! If your time is good, you can get the Gold Medal! Use your Dash and slide to get more speed and kill enemies!
There a Leaderboard for each level generate with Liluo.io
Who gonna be the faster!!

Link to itch.io: Doki Flash by FRG_Gaming
Link to Liluo.io: Doki Flash | Play on Liluo.io

Video trailer: Doki Flash (Trailer) - YouTube

Don’t be shy to tell me what you think, all comments help me make a better games!


I like the concept and use of lighting effects, sadly I have an office-level laptop and so the game ran slowly. I still played for one minute though. I also noticed the sound played before the character actually jumps, so that was a bit confusing.

Maybe I would have enjoyed it if I had a better computer :joy_cat: but I would also appreciate option to disable the intensive graphics effects.

Thanks for trying it and the comment, I don’t think i can do something for the intense light everywhere because its the concept of the game and its gonna look ugli! I still appreciate you mention this cause now i’m learning of that!
I hope i can make something for help you but my ‘‘skills’’ in game developpement is really low…

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Nice game. Ran great for me on liluo!
The “bounce” mechanic where you get to jump higher right after landing was pretty hard to understand, even when doing the tutorial. It also seems to apply only after single jump and not double jump, but I don’t know the timing window is small. Some sort of visual indicator or something could help players conceptualize it better.
Also I recommend looking at the Gamepad extension, it’s pretty easy to use and games like this really want to be played on a gamepad.

Thanks you so much for your comments and your idea. I will try to take a look at this soon!