Donkey Kong clone progress

I’ve been trying to make a game like Donkey Kong for a while. I make progress in spurts. It’s been mainly to help me learn Gdevelop and the challenge of seeing if I could make it.

I added a shape painter to draw the path of the barrels to help me debug it. I love the output. It looks like waterfalls.

I flipped flopped between tweens and physics for the barrels. I ended up using physics.

This version had several bugs which are now fixed. There is a gap in the top floor that Mario was able to fall through and the ladders were buggy. I think my current project fixed them.

The toughest part was dropping the barrels down the ladders. I ended up assigning each girder a physics layer and on random ladder vs barrel collisions, I disable that layer in the barrels physics. I also stop all motion.

When the barrel hits the next girder, it applies a new force in the direction of the girders angle. Once I started to add new forces, I made the girders longer and I’m not going to depend on the little ramps that I originally created to help change the barrels directions. In my current version, the little gaurds are way off to the side and probably are no longer needed.


I want to make an updated version. I want to use health instead of lives. I’m also working on a prototyped shotgun. It needs more variety.

I want the barrels to knock him off the ladders with damage. I’d love to create a slide or barrel roll animation for Mario when he gets hit by a barrel. I’m not there yet. I’m much better at the coding part than animation.

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