Double Jump

Hello !

I just finished the beginner’s tutorial (this one : … formergame), and I would like to add a double jump at the tutorial game.

I saw this this (viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5570), but it’s not working for me.

I would like to add a double jump system like the one in Super Ghouls’N Ghosts ( you jump, and while in the air jump again, then you return to the ground).

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance !

There’s an “allow again jumping” feature, you might want to check that out.

edit: here you go

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Thanks for your help !

…but it still not working for me (there’s a count of the number of times I press the “Space” bar but the character won’t jump twice).

Nevermind! I will try to figure it out…later…
The only thing I suceed to do is : make the character jump once, or jump as multiples times as I press the “Space” bar (jump button).

Thanks again for your help !!!

Edit : I forgot to mention that I “copy-paste” your work at the end of the event of the platformer game (beginner tutorial).

Here, i made you an example, you don’t have to use the text, it’s just there to check how the script works.

I’d be glad if you didn’t use the images in the zip.

Wow !!! That’s exactly what I was looking for !!! Big thanks to you !!!
I try and…that’s works !!!

Don’t worried : I WON’T USE the images in the zip !!! By the way, you could just use the ones in the Platformer tutorial game (

Another thing : that’s strange, my internet browser said that “” may contain virus…but I manage to download the file and…NO VIRUS (as expected).


Hi Guys,

Where can I find this “allow jumping again” feature?

Sorted it!
Had the variable jump set as a sub condition and this lead to infinite jumping. Had me stumped for a bit. simple fix and something to keep an eye on

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Looks like download link broke…
Anyone’s got the file?

Sorry but this is a 3 years old post and the file is probably not compatible anymore. And there are lots of people talking about double jump, so often I can say out of memory just use the action allow to jump again. To regulate the number of times use a variable that you increase each jump and set to 0 on touching floor.

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