Download version 5.0.138

Hello I have installed the version 5.0.137 for Windows of GDevelop 5, after installing it it tells me that there is a new version, the 5.0.138. I tried to download on the site, but I always download version 5.0.137. Where can I get version 5.0.138. Thanks for your help.

Hi centoj and welcome. I can’t explain why it’s stuck on 137 for you as that’s very old. But I do wish the download page would say the version number as I end up starting the download just to see that it’s the one I’ve already got and then cancelling it.

You can avoid all that though, by going direct to github. And apparently 139 is out although I think new releases get rolled out in a limited way to the official GD download page at the beginning in case there’s problems. So 138 from git will be fine or you can be an early user of 139.

And also, just curious, could it be an unrefreshed downloads page? Have you opened the page in a new tab or done a force refresh with CTRL F5 and then see if it’s still 137?

Thanks for your reply I downloaded version 5.0.139, from this website: Mod Edit: [unofficial link removed]
However I will try to check if the download from the site has always been version 5.0.137. A greeting

As a general heads up, the only place you should ever download GDevelop from is:


Any other place is not only not official, but may be injecting malware or other malicious code into the downloads.

The only other place that an “Official” build can be downloaded is 4ian’s page, but the GDevelop entry is no longer maintained since the new site went live, so the build is very old. GDevelop by 4ian

Because of the potential risk, I have edited the above post to remove the external link.