Dragging conditions and actions

usually i can drag and drop conditions around, to change the order, or to relocate them to a better suited event. now i cant, and its really annoying

You might need to ensure that you’re on the most recent version or that something else isn’t going on with your client.

I’ve confirmed both on the web and desktop versions that dragging conditions and actions works fine.

weird, i have the latest version, and i have restarted gdevelop serveral times. what do you mean by client?

Which keys are you pressing while dragging? Oddly for me the little plus symbol doesn’t show when I press and hold [Ctrl] but when I click and drag, it copies events and actions.

If I press and hold [Alt] the little + symbol shows next to the cursor but it just moves the event or action.

No matter which key I hold [Ctrl] [Alt] or [Shift] I can’t seem to copy events by clicking and dragging the box on the far left of the events line. I still get a + symbol when pressing [Alt]

Pressing and holding [Shift] selects multiple items.

Edit: I’m using Windows 10 and Gdevelop v 5.1.158

normally i can just drag them using the left mouse button, but it must have changed

Without pressing [Ctrl] [Alt] or [Shift], I can click and drag events, actions or conditions with the left mouse button.

With [Ctrl] I can drag and copy conditions and action

oh, they made it so that you have to press alt to drag, thanks for the help

You shouldn’t have to press any modifier to just drag an event, condition or action. At least, I don’t. Only [Ctrl] to copy.

weird, i have to press alt, but now i know how to, thanks for the help

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