Dragonlance isometric game team

Hello, I want to make a game about Dragonlance.Decided technology is isometric view (ex: Diablo) and 100% touch
I am kind of a Dragonlance-maniac and I just started to admit it to myself, SO
I would like to know if someone in this world want to join me and make a first demo: a mini-level with a city (Solace), a lake (Crystalmir) and a Dungeon (Solace Mine).
Stuff about the environment can be found at sites.google.com/site/thekrynne … ynn/solace

Would you be able to make the art for this game or you also need someone to help with making the sprites?

enemies and npc can be easly found at opengameart website (goblins, dwarfs and dragons)
player chars got to be just like they are drown into the latest Dragonlance comics, i guess i can search through all the comics i have and piskel a bit to get one or two spritesheets.
with the comics under my hands i guess will be easy to piskel some cutted screenshot. but and because i am not an artist. totally not.
what do you think about it?
first spritesheet i want to make are Raistlin Majere (red robed wizard) and Sturm Brightblade (knight). at least three sprite each move, one attack move and one defensive move to get it started.

the answer is: by now an artist is totally needed for these two spritesheets above. I can help him in details by giving him the comics to start with or get inspired by.

Well, it is not that easy to find an artist who would make custom art one that would do it for free and one that also can do animations.
In case you would be using free assets, I would recommend to NOT bother with animations and use static images only at first and focus on content, game play and level design only and then in case it seems fun and playable you could start animating things.

I would have some more questions.

Level design. So you plan to find staff online, but do you have any level design in your mind and could you design the levels your self? And what sort of help you looking for? Do you need someone to design bits and pieces that you can put together or you need someone to design the core and you only need to add content like images, sounds and levels or you need someone who take care all of that and put everything together for you?

Would it be a commercial game or you want to do it for fun? Of course the best answer is to do it for fun and sell it if it any good, but always best to know day1 what is the goal sou you can plan accordingly.

What platforms would you like to target? It easy to say you want to target all, but depends on your plans some engines may fit your idea better and it is also has effect on how the game should be designed.

Why GDevelop? It is because it free and require no coding or do you have experience with GD any technical reasons? Would you consider to use any other engines, any paid ones or one that require coding?

Frankly I don’t know anything about Dragonlance, so I have no idea what sort of game would it be.
You mentioned you need help to make one level, but even one level may require to add all the core game mechanics, so I would have some questions about to game play too.

You mentioned it would be like Diablo, is that involve the RPG elements too like skills, progression, items, weapons, dialogs, merchants and all the good staff? Could you describe in more detail the actual game play you have in mind? Like we are going to control a single character or a team of 3-4 characters, can we swap between them, can we order them individually to do staff or they just follow the main character and attack anything on sight? Is battle would be real time or turned based? Is there going to be a linear story line to follow, or it is going to be an open world with a quest system with a main line and side lines? What would make this game different, what makes Dragonlance so special that inspired you to make this game? There is a lot to ask so I think it would be better if you would describe the game play in as much detail as you can. It would be important to know any core game play you have in mind so I can decide if I can offer any help or not.

thank you very much!! i start to answer your questions in top-down order.

i can design levels myself. the url i pasted in first post of this topic links to many maps of cities and lands of Dragonlance.
Dragonlance is a d&d implementation.

i am doing the game just for fun. with the focus on be known as the publisher and developer of the first Dragonlance game written since 1990s.

i think to target Android platform. gonna use GDev on my ubuntu os.

chose GDevelop cause it is free, i am a software developer but i don’t actually analyzed GD from a developer point of view. just don’t want to learn an entire language by my own for a one-level game. i tried Construct2 for months and i found it very cool, but i would like not to spend money. not now, not if the game requires no expansions and soon will be forgotten and disliked.

i would like the core to be as much similar as implemented in Exiled Kingdoms game-app. it can be found freely in stores. i would like to involve abilities just for attack, defense, health (max) and mana(max). special moves are automatically enabled as a specific level is reached. Ex: the mage at lv1 is able to perform a fireball, not able to invoke a golem.

yes, would like to switch between the knight and the mage. because of this i would like to have these two characters completed. i mean: 8dirs walking, 8dirs attack, 8dirs defense.

just like exiled kingdoms, attacks and defense can be triggered touching a button, but i have a dream. the dream is to perform special moves with the swipe touch. in the (landscape) bottom screen (can be chosen if left middle or right by the player in the game configs) i want to put a rectangular pad. Ex: i swipe a thunder from left to right → the mage performs a thunder magic to his right. mage got to have the thunder spell, which is a game item scroll with an image painted on it. as similar the swiped track is to the scroll, as powerfull will be the move. the scroll will be unhidden in the invemtory as a particular level is reached. (spells could be bough, one day…) thimk my dream is a plugin i got to write from scratch in javascript, i would be glad to.

despite Exiled Kingdoms, companions can be set to walk with the character, attack or stay back, wait in their positions.

finally: all the questions i don’t have answered here can be answered playing Exiled Kingdoms for 10minutes.

GDevelop is not very strong on mobile devices, you may need to expect some compromises to make.
You also need to consider that GDevelop does not support lights and multiplayer in case it is something you want in the game and also doesn’t support sprite sheets as you mentioned you would want to use it for characters and really it would be the ideal way to do it especially in HTML5, but GD doesn’t support it.

I can’t help you with the characters and any sprites I’m afraid. In case you are not very good at animations, then as I mentioned best if the characters have no animation for now. You could come up with something 8 directional so we have that in place, but no walking and attack animation, it need to be functional first and then can be polished.

Actually I did want to make an isometric RPG template anyway and in case you can provide me with the level and sprites I can work with you to get the core done.
I can take care of all the logic and game play if you can take care of the level and all the sprites.

But…I also need to gain something from this as making an isometric RPG is not easy and time consuming especially if all the mechanics need to be done from scratch.
Since you did not want to spend money on the engine that you have been using for months and did like it, I don’t expect you to pay me anything.

What I can offer, I would sell the project as a template publicly but you get free access in case you allow me to include the sprites and images you make for demonstration purposes (no commercial use). I don’t expect you to let me share production ready assets, placeholders and free assets you find online is fine, but it could help a lot if I need to be focusing on the core game play only and don’t need to worry about the art, images and level. Judging from the images you shared, you art skills is way better than you admit so I think we could help each other out.

If you are interested contact me at the email you can find on this page and we can discus the details:
In case the above does not work for you, maybe I can make some free examples for anything you need.
Just write a list of what you need at the forum and I see what I can do:

sorry for my silence. i have been studying “2d graphics programming for games” book.
i re-read your last post kind of 8 times but i am not able to understand what exchange are you offering me. :blush:
can you resume it in a pointed list order grouped in 2 ? Something like :
you make: …
i make : …

thank you

It is going to be better to keep it simple.
I do plan to make this template anyway, if you want, make a list of features you need and I consider to implement it.
I have a list of already planned features here:

It may not going to be made in GDevelop though.
I’m considering to use Tiled for maps with either Phaser, AppGameKit or MonoGame.
You may want to consider to join the discussion here: