Dragon's Story (MiniLD #33)

ludumdare.com/compo/minild-3 … &uid=10547

For now only Linux and source versions, but Windows version will hopefully follow. Then it’ll be puiblished on MyCrossSoft.net too.

Dragon’s story is story about friendship told by dragon (obviously). It features beautiful vector graphics, not so beautiful music (both made by me) and has 3 endings!

I’ve played it on Windows.
And I think you got it wrong … :frowning:

If you want to make a visual novel (interactive book), you should have used a tool made specifically for this : Ren’Py.
And the fun part : it was made for linux to begin with!
That’s what you could achieve with it : http://rpgmaker.net/games/2147/

Then, if you really want to make a visual novel game with Game develop :

  • I’ve got one choice in the whole game session
    It’s a game not a book. Give more meaninful choices through the game.

  • Text is slow as hell
    My gamer’s time is precious. Don’t make me waste it with slow paced 1 sentence dialogs.
    Make it appear right away, not in writing machine style.
    And make it smaller. I’m not toddler. If I can use a computer, I can read small letters.

  • Advance button is useless
    That kind of button is meant to skip the entire dialog sequence, not the current bubble.
    Make it go to the next choice, not the next dialog.

  • Add an OK button
    So the player will be able to signal he has finished the read, and he’s ready for the next dialog.

  • Transitions are slow as hell
    Make them faster. Or don’t make them at all.

  • Transitions are wrongly used
    In cinematic language, transitions are used to indicate a change in location and/or time.
    You don’t need a transition to go from one dialog to another. It’s confusing and gives a false sense of passing time.
    The only time they were rightly used where during the house building.

If you want to portrait dialogs between two people, use this method : http://rpgmaker.net/games/2147/images/10784/
Don’t go the Lucas way (A camera, B camera).

  • Game develop isn’t used enough
    GD is action-oriented.
    Not only your game is slow but there’s little to no interaction for the player.
    Take advantage of GD, and insert minigames (take elements to build the house, animate flying sequences and background with animations, zoom and paning, etc.)

  • Gameplay is too basic
    Enhance it with more interactions, more immersion. Make it so the player will feel to have a goal and a tangible effect on the game world.

Ex : wander over a world map, find locations, speak with NPC, do quests, collect house parts, build your house, find a mate, have a family. Throw minigames into the mix: roast goblins, eat cows, protect your gold from dwarves, pursue prince charming through the wood, stomp on wizards, etc.

Depending of the player’s choice, collected parts will be different: frightening if the choices are evil, cute if the choices are good. At the end, the player will have a personnalized “house”, with or without a family, and a custom ending (killed by heroes - feared monster - nice neighbor - hero himself).

Good luck!


And while I’m here, I tried the linux version too, with lUbuntu.
I had to install libjpeg62, since it wasn’t inside (only libjpeg8).
I couldn’t launch it from Explorer, so I used the LxTerminal.
Luckily I could copy/paste the content of dragonsstroy.linux file inside.

And I got this :

Has it been corrected in the last version of GD?