Draw line like pencil, not straight line

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are anybody know how to create line like a pencil line, that the line is not straight but follow the trails path of motion object such as mouse cursor. below are my doing,

  • I creating simple projectile motion project.
  • adding object shape painter named “garis”
  • putting object garis to the screen area/game stage
  • make code 1, using Begin fill path. for garis with initial projectile position as starting position for garis
  • make code 2, using *path line. (in my aim, in order to the garis line follow the parabolic motion of the projectile when it’s moving.
    and the result, the line of garis is straight, not the parabolic path. it makes me little confuse, anybody can hep me?

This my picture.

Have a look at this post for a solution.

Ooh very thank you MrMen. I should to try the method from that post on my game.

By the way, can you teach me, how to upload my game on games.gdevelop-app.com portal, and then share the html link of my game?
like this.

Go to Export and choose Web.

Me And My Startup Company Are Making A Game Engine And We Made Drawing but With Variables : heres The Code:

Heres it working:

Thank you My Bro. i’ll try if my games finished.

@Animustm oh Thank You for your response. but I actually i want to create a dynamic line which is it following a motion object not cursor mouse (because it’s makes little different in how to using the library code). And very thank for you @Animustm and @MrMen for the suggestion, but using the draw line technique, is not solve my problem (maybe because my less experience).
but finally i found how to manipulate it. that is by creating tiny dot object in every second following a motion object. this is very new my app project (projectile motion).!

By the way, i’m physics teacher, i have mission to creating physics simulation for my teaching need. i hope by understanding Gdevelop, i can create a lot of physics simulation app.

this the code how to create a red line following the blue bullet.

“garis” is the indonesian word, it means = line.

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