Drawbridge - 3v3 team game

Welcome to Drawbridge - a team game where you must work with artificially intelligent bots to storm the enemy base and disable it by standing in it for 3 seconds. Watch out for the three enemies that will hunt you down and try to stop you and attack your base. Pick up coins that enemies drop to buy a better gun, and try to win as many times as possible.

WASD: move
Right click: shoot
Left click: build

Play now on itch.io
My first published game. Hope you guys like it!


This is actually a great concept, im thinking of building something similar for a while now. Very addictive and well done with the music. Could u give some tips on how you made the enemies and your teammates ‘intelligent’ instead of randomizing their patterns?

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lol the music isnt ours, my friend got it from https://context-sensitive.com but thanks anyway.
for the enemies i simply made 2 types, ‘baser’ and ‘attacker’. the basers set their pathfinding target to the green base and the attackers to the nearest of the greenteam group so that they will just run at the nearest green person and shoot them. The spawn locations are randomized so it isnt the same path every time. Thanks so much for playing!

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