Drive for Freedom - Escape (prologue)

Hello everyone, I am happy to present you my very first games finally complete: Drive for Freedom - Escape (prologue)

1988, the apocalypse threatens the planet. Despite the efforts of mankind to avoid the worst, it wasn’t spared by meteor showers responsible for climatic disorders and for the chaos.Your only chance of survival : join the underground military complex. For it, you will need a well prepared vehicle because the road will be long and full of pitfalls !

This first episode is a 2D arcade/action top-down car type game within which you have to travel roads devastated by the apocalypse, but beware of the pirates of the roads !To accomplish your task, win credits which will allow you to purchase new vehicles or to improve them.

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Drive 4 Freedom - Escape (prologue) :

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I’ll be honest, I didn’t try it ($3 tag, although it’s quite possibly fair for your effort, makes it more difficult to test out, unless I missed something), but the graphics and the video both look great.

Good job. :slight_smile:

A demo is now available!

Drive 4 Freedom - Escape (prologue) :

I tried the demo, it’s a little bit chaotic out there (not in a bad way), and it seems fun. :slight_smile: Most importantly, it’s made with Gdevelop. Good work.