Early Devlog cause some important stuffs gone on

Hey everyone, I’m back here with yet another Devlog with a couple of important things

To start, I got a partner to help me dev the game.

  • This will lift the weight of the game off of my shoulders

  • This will also give me some perspective from someone else on how the developments running

  • He’s also been giving pointers on some of the art which I will show here.

(Old Cobbled Stone Texture)

New Piskel-1.png
(New Cobbled Stone Texture)

  • I’ve also finally began development on the Boss fight, There are currently gonna be 3 phases for the boss fight

  • Enemies now have spells

  • Second Spell is also being implemented

I’ll likely be overhauling all the graphics for the game giving new textures for the Player and everything else.