Early prototype of my newest trader game

This is extremely early. just doing a bit of testing. Now that the prototype is kind of done, I can move on to the next phase of development.

No graphics have been done at all nad the games math hasnt been balanced yet. thats all to come

Retro Hoarder

Thanks for all the great help guys

It is a bit too easy :wink:
I can go online and buy anything and everything that cost $1 or $2 and then going to an other store and almost always I can sell everything with at least $1 or $5 profit, if not then I buy more and repeat.

I can see there is a storage in the game and I can also buy more storage but I did not really needed.
Because everything seems to be totally random each time you visit a shop you can not really build a strategy and stock up in a storage. As I mentioned I can just by everything cost <= $2 and I be able to sell almost certainly with profit in the next shop. It get’s boring quickly. There is nothing else worth doing really. I have a bunch of cash but nothing else to do.

As it stands it could be better as part of some sort of building, manufacturing game but on it own it is not very fun. :neutral_face:
If you would like to make a stand alone trading game, you still need some sort of economic simulation going on that effect demand and prices, everything being just pure random is not so fun.

Thank you for the input. It’s very valuable to me. These are all things that will be addressed by me and the hand over the next few weeks. What we have here is simply proof of concept, but it’s good to have someone else look as designers can be blind to things.

The next stage in the process is a redesign of the math and economics. We’ll have another version launching in a week or so.

Thanks again for the input

Big update just pushed up. There are many more bugs to work out. We will be doing lots of fine tuning and additions over the next few weeks as my art people get to work.