EdenWick - text based/visual novel concept - WIP

Hey everyone, i just wanted to showcase my game concept here with all of you!
I really wish i could get some feedback on this, because i want to improve my game greatly, as of now the game itself is not big in terms of story. If you want to try it out, i recommend you choose only the first option always as the story is currently being worked on…

You can check it out here: EdenWick - WIP TEXT GAME CONCEPT by Aorus88
The game is a text based/visual novel type game about a pirates story…
There is a currency system, visual novel dialogues behaviours, like 5% of the first story and a game save system implemented, with also some smaller great things…
There is a minigame available, fully completed but it’s not currently included, i want to enable it in my dialogs but as of now i didn’t get to that point, perhaps on the next release!
Anyway thanks for reading, if you want to try it out and leave some feedback i would be soooo happy! Thanks :smiley:

Why not upload it to gd.games? or make a browser version for itch?

Its a little nutts to make a downloadable game thats in developments and being changed all the time.

Its also a hassle for you, having to constant re upload the file.

Dont go making stuff hard on yourself :slight_smile: Get it on gd.games and youll have plenty of feedback :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say that I agree with @MagicBiscuit

Releasing a game on gd.games got me a lot of feedback, and even changed my development course a bit, and my perspective on some things.

I cannot upload my game directly on web, it has a problem, apparently only on websites, every part of the ui stretches even if i use black bars and select to not modify the resolution, any idea why is that?
When i compile it and play directly from pc or mobile it doesn’t do that

Browsers make things more complicated in that regard. To get around it for my game, I had to change the Resizing option to the game in Game Settings, and I also had to test things a lot, and adjust as needed. Consider checking out the Game Resolution Resize Mode option in Game Settings.

Yes, i played with resizing game settings but it still does it, i cannot manually adjust everything just to showcase my game on the browser when I want to release it on android mobile phones, so that is why i made it downloadable, anyway thanks for trying to help me!

Make an External Event Sheet and add these events

Change the Resolution to your games resolution, the resize mode needs to be “”.

This will lock your game to its desired resolution no matter where you run it or if you stretch out the window.

The Condition should be “At the beginning of the scene”

Next add the External Event to all your scenes.

To make sure it this works from the very start, create a new empty scene for your “Starter scene”, this scene is just gonna be completly black.

Add those events to it and then a “Wait 2 seconds” action, followed by “Change Scene” to your desired first scene.

This will make your resolution solid no matter what and you dont have to worry about screen sizes again.

Heres my game… i dare you to try and break the screen :stuck_out_tongue:
It wont budge and will always stary in ratio :slight_smile:

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Look, i tried it but it doesnt work, let me try to explain this to you…
Basically the resolution is right but, the TEXT in my dialogue boxes…name boxers, currency numbers they like stretch out (go down their box place?) somehow only on web version…i will try to find a fix for it!