Educational game prototype (made as homework in assets integration class)

Waiting for your feedback on our prototype.

Nämm-Nämm is a single-player educational game (in Estonian) about a bunny Miku trying to find food. It is a maze style game where objects are scattered around the map, and the player has to find the correct food items for the bunny. There are also foods like candy that the bunny doesn’t eat, but beware, there might be enemies lurking around the forest to eat you. Eat or get eaten.

The game aims to support the development of kindergarten students’ reading skills and enrich the vocabulary (Estonian as a second language). At the same time, it’s possible to learn a thing or two about the food chain.

Link to the game :

That’s sooooo cute I’m sure the kids will love it. I think I know how to say ‘carrot’ in Estonian now, haha.

Is the player hit box for the whole sprite? Would it be better just to have it at its base near the feet? This pic shows that I was not able to go up any further towards the grass. It did make moving around the grass a bit awkward.


There were three food items I couldn’t eat, is that why I couldn’t go past the flag? Is that the shortcut to level two? I realise there may have been instructions in the Estonian audio.

it looks really cool i will try it and give my opinion