Efficiency in Sprites


Hello, I would like to know if what I do is ok… I will explain all the details…

First I make a sprite in 3D paint (using a sheep sprite as a model or reference), after having my original sprites and continue cutting each sprite (I cut 1 by 1 and save them in a folder with a name and number to find them easily, for example “Grass S1”).

Second from the folder I import to Gdevelop 5 and place the Sprites (in this case it is a sheep Sprite from Grass Block, where I have the images of each loose Sprite) I add it as a Mosaic and platform behavior (again 1 in 1) where with piksel I edit it to remove the white background!

Third already with the sprites in the game the “mosaic” can only contain 1 Sprite, so this feels like I’m doing it wrong… is there a better method?


1- Placing the Sprite sheeps directly and dividing them into independent sprites in Gdevelop with a piksel of 1 is better or more efficient, right? (That includes naming the files to keep it organized…)

2- Since it is a floor block, the “platform” behavior is adequate, but is it better to place it as a sprite instead of a mosaic? Is it better or worse? (The Grass Block varies in several Sprites depending on the blocks it has or does NOT have around it)

3- Could someone tell me if they follow more or less the same method or if there is a more effective method

Some Screen shots might help. It sounds to me like you’re doing okay, though. I don’t have a mosaic option, though I assume in the English version that is called “tiled Sprite”, which you want to use for large repeating objects like floor tiles. I’m not familiar with 3d paint, but if you can save your image directly as a png with a transparent background, you might be able to skip a step. if it’s a repeating image pattern, you would want it to be a “mosaic” with the platform behavior, I’m supposing.

Gracias, estaba algo inseguro, ya que lo sentía bastante lento este proceso en concreto de importar 1 X 1, entonces no sabía si había mejor método, de nuevo, gracias! (Soy Español por eso está así)

Thanks, I was a little unsure, since this particular process of importing 1 X 1 felt quite slow, so I didn’t know if there was a better method, again, thanks! (English version)