Electron build online fail to export my game, service worker are broken

How do I export my game because when I try to it says
Game Exporting
Uploading to build service and when it gets to build and download it gives me this
Error: ENOTEMPTY: directory not empty, rename '/worker/dist-ef1988c5-a682-4484-b69f-c0ebc95ca1c3/mac/Electron.app/Contents/MacOS/Electron' -> '/worker/dist-ef1988c5-a682-4484-b69f-c0ebc95ca1c3/mac/Electron.app/Contents/MacOS'
When i tried to find the directory i couldnt find it.

This folder is on server used for build your game.
This crash sometime when other users use it at same time i gues.
I don’t know how it’s working really.
This is recurrent :frowning:

Is this system also open source? Maybe the community could improve it if it was.

To my knowledge it is not.