Endless Kung-Fu (Android)

Well, this is my first game ever (second if we take into account my little Candy Jam submission a year ago), and just published it on the Google Play Store:


I always loved videogames, and this time I wanted to try GDevelop and general Android development. Technical issues aside (performance optimization for Android through Crosswalk is a nightmare due to market fragmentation), was a very satisfactory experience, and -in general- I had fun during the process. All in the game (from graphics to music) was created from scratch by me, so it was a lot of work as you can imagine.

Maybe I’ll upload a web-based version in a few days, but tapping on the mobile screen seems to feels better than clicking with a mouse in a game like this.

Thanks for your time.

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That looks really great! Congratulations! :smiley:

Could I had it on the GDevelop website, in the games showcase? (compilgames.net)
If you agree, feel free to send me a message (Private message or to florian.rival@gmail.com) with a nice screenshot that I could display :smiley:

Good job! :mrgreen:

Sorry, I didn’t see the reply until today.

It would be an honor to be in the games showcase. Just mailed you some screenshots.

Thanks for your kind words.

Is templet available?