Endless Runner Game Tutorial

Hi GDevelopers,

I recently made an Endless Runner where the character has to jump to avoid obstacles that come in it’s way. The obstacles are generated randomly. There is also a Score and a High Score system in this game.


A tutorial for this Endless Runner game is being made by me. It’s still in progress now complete. I hope you will find this tutorial fun to read and easy to understand :slight_smile:

Tutorial link: Endless Runner Game Tutorial

Edit: I have improved the game tutorial and have added a bonus section to make the game more challenging.



Nice, I’ll take a look to see what can be improved :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time and effort for writing it so far!


Thanks a lot for your appreciation :grin:

I’ll try my best to finish it soon making it as simple as possible to understand.

Hi Nilarjun,

Great work! I wasn’t sure if it was ok to edit someone else’s tutorial, so I figured I’d just let you decide if you want to make the changes. Given this is a tutorial for beginners, here are my recommendations.

  1. If you’re changing the animation by name instead of number (e.g. Jump instead of 1), then you need to select Change the animation (by name). Using quotes and text for the number value of Change the animation doesn’t work (at least, not for me).

  2. In your hint about fixing the sliding sprite issue, Player should be the object, not Platform.

  3. It starts to get confusing when it gets to Game States. The tutorial goes from setting a scene variable at 0 to a screenshot of sub-events with the variable set at 1. So as a novice, I’d be asking, “But where is the condition I just set with the 0 variable?” In your initial three bullets, giving a little more detail about how 0 is pre-game, 1 is mid-game, and 2 is after game may help the user grasp the variables quickly. I would also point out how to drag and indent events to become sub-events.

  4. The Variable(Speed) action shown in the screenshot is not how the sliding sprite was handled with the earlier hint, so it doesn’t reflect what the user would likely see (which I think would be):

    (What the tutorial shows would only appear if the user has already completed the bonus part of the tutorial where the speed increases.)

  5. Another screenshot concern: the clip shows Do -2 to X Position of Platform, but based on the tutorial, at that stage it should look like this:

  6. It should be Find common actions for all objects when modifying the value of the object variable in the score section.

All this said, I followed your tutorial and my game works beautifully - and I’m brand new at this. I even took your bonus advice and now I can’t keep up after 3000 points. :slight_smile: These really are just small improvements I considered when looking at it from the vantage point of a new user. So again, great job and thank you!


Hello Heather,

A huge thanks to you for going through my tutorial :slight_smile: Your suggestions helped a lot. I have gone through each and every suggestion of yours and fixed the tutorial accordingly.



Thanks for your work and time on this :slight_smile: This seems good enough for new users to read it!

I’ve added it to the list of tutorials for next version: 14


Hi Florian,

Yipeee! Thanks for all the support in improving the tutorial.

I hope it helps out new developers trying out GDevelop, and teach them important concepts as they go through the tutorial :slight_smile:


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good work! I have to look it in more detail :sunglasses:
One question, why do you use rar ?? why not use 7zip??, only a suggestion as 7zip is free not like rar.

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Yea, well I have a habit of using WinRAR since a long time. Never tried 7Zip for some reason :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Nilarjun. I’m learning from your tutorial now.

I’m newbie in mobile game developing/Gdevelop. As far as I understand a basic complete game run in the sequence of: Splash screen > Main menu> Game play scene > Game over (with scores shown)…& so on. Is that so?

If I could request you add a few items in your tutorial from the beginning to the end. example 1)creating a own Splash screen
2) creating functional ‘button(play,audio mute,etcs)’ on Main menu. Then only going to the real game play making.
Hope to hear from you.

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Thanks for the wonderful suggestions :slight_smile:

I’ll add more features to it eventually. You can find a Main Menu Tutorial here

As for the splash screen, it’s a subscription only feature(if you want to remove the default GDevelop splash). If you want to show a splash screen along with the default GDevelop splash, it can be achieved easily using a separate scene which changes to the main game scene after a certain time. I’ll work on it soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for your prompt reply. Hope to see more of your helpful tutorial real soon.

By the way, I’m making mobile game for Android & searching info on appropriate background images size (px X px) & correct screen size to suit all different mobile divices while making my game.

May I ask your opinion regarding this?


For most newer mobile devices, a 16:9 aspect ratio is preferable.

You can scale the game to fit the mobile screen size by changing a property in GDevelop. Find information about this here: How to Make Game Fit Screen Size?

Maybe a screenshot of your final event page would have been helpful in the tutorial. “Your event page should look like this now” or something. Around the Game States, I got lost and couldn’t finish the tutorial. If I could have seen the final page I would have orientated myself easily around the building process. Thanks for making the effort! I’ll try harder and if I can’t make it again, I’ll reach for help :slight_smile:

EDIT: I finally made it. It feels like the tutorial was made in an older version of GDevelop and that made more confusion I guess :slight_smile: For a person that has never used GDevelop, I may say that I found the tutorial very helpful and a bit confusing at times. Since I wasn’t that familiar with the program I needed to double-check and research things on my own. That is not always a bad thing, but it slowed me a lot. As I said before a screenshot of the Event Page would have been great because at times I wasn’t sure where to make the new events. That’s why I’m uploading my Event page, and I hope to be in the help of someone else :slight_smile:

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Hello bro can you help me in making a game like dinosaur run on chrome browser
I want that my game end if player spirit touch tha objects coming in his way help me plz

What a thoughtful contribution

Awesome to see you promote your community!

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Thanks, that was nice of you to say! Last year, I contributed as much as I could, as did Nilarjun. It’s a great game engine and an even better community. GSOD made me a GDevelop fan for life :slight_smile:

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Yeah for me it’s helping me learn coding better. Or understand I should say.

I love the engine and the community but we need growth and more tutorials, hopefully I can contribute eventually! Look forward to what you have done or are doing!

Awesome tutorial, it is really helpful

But I have a question, not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I don’t know if there is a bug on the adding force system or there are something I’m not catching yet in this section:


I tested it on a endless floor, just jumping some obstacles, the issue is the player reaching right side position