Endless runner platform generating problems

Hello, I have started to make an endless running game. I see two problems that need to be addressed before I continue.

First, when randomly generating platforms, this way generates them to far apart to jump to. Is there an easy way to keep them closer together?

Second, and this might not be possible, I would like to generate IslandEdgeLeft before random lengths of Island1 and Island2, then end these with IslandEdgeRight.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, or just let me know your thoughts on the matter. Thanks

For my runner try, I set an invisible tall and thin trigger object on each piece of track. When the player collides with said trigger, I create the next piece of track to run using the Player X plus a number so it appears to be a single track. I think it can be used so the bases appear in the right place.

Thank you for your response. Although I did not end up doing your suggestion, it did give me an idea.

I solved the first problem by simply moving my starting platforms closer together.

The second problem was a little more tricky. I solved it by creating a few different images of the whole platform put together, combined those images in one sprite with different animations, then randomly generated that sprite with random animations. It worked like a charm, but I am currently trying to get them not to overlap.

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