England wishes you well- Family indie devs

Hello, I am the developer and programmer of a team: my family! Me, my mum and my dad have gotten together and we are creating a platformer about italians who have to fight mutant food like chicken on pasta or freezer lasagna!
We come from italy, my dad is a UX Designer (search it on google) and my mum is a graphic designer, so dad designs websites and she draws and uses her Wacom.
We are super into food and videogames and so decided to combine the two!
Thank you for reading this, maybe one day you can play the game too! We will hopefully have a working prototype by next year, maybe February in 2021, but we might take more or less time. I will post and make a little devlog about the game, and keep you updated and tell you the release dates and all.
Have a nice day! :smiley: