English Mistranslation

I don’t exactly know where to put this, but I found an English mistranslation.
This (Report improper/bad translation here (other than English) · Issue #969 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub) doesn’t seem to be the right place.

“Sounds and musics”

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Yes, I noticed the same thing and was going to make a list. To be clear, it should be Sounds and music. Music never has an s on the end. The word musics appears in a few places.

Also this from BBText:


What is the typo on your screenshot?

I fixed it, thank you!

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It’s indeed what Bubble said. “Musics” is not a real word :slight_smile: Thank you for fixing it! When we come across english mistranslations is there a better place to post/talk about it?

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Link in your first post is perfect

Music isn’t a real word? :thinking:
What would you replace it with?

Thank you :slight_smile: I steered away from there because it says : (other than english).

I would take away the s at the end of musics.

Indeed by bad! For the english it’s the second link pinned on top of this page:

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Thank you I will make a note of that :slight_smile:

Add a new object: Light

(If you really would prefer this type of stuff be on github, please say and I’ll join it.)

I was wondering about the English naming of the physics joint Prismatic.

Here is a prism and here are some pneumatic cylinders. Was the joint meant to be called Pneumatic? If so, then translations from English into other languages might also have the same prism related name.


Pneumatic cylinders

This one is a harder one. A prismatic joint is a real thing in physics related calculations, and in relation to the physics engine as well.

It should probably keep the technical terminology that is used elsewhere. So it should either be kept as “Prismatic Joint” or maybe “Slider joint” which is an alternative term I’ve seen used in some engines, but prismatic should be kept somewhere in the descriptions as it is the technical term for it.

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Yes, Slider joint would be a more meaningful name. Pneumatic wouldn’t be suitable anyway, I just wasn’t aware that actual thing was really called Prismatic and thought long P words ending in matic had got switched. My mistake, thanks for the info.

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