Entire extension deleted

I made an extension to store my cars behavior in the game, and it took around 2 hours to port over my existing car code which was duplicated for each car (there are 2). I needed this so if i need to modify a car then i can do it one time and have it work for both cars. The extension is made using gdevelop custom extension editor, but now after update it has removed the whole extension and disabled all events relating to the extension (it showed unsupported on the event and gave no other info). Before i realized that happened i deleted all those events so now even if i got the extension back i would have to reprogram a lot. For some reason the extension still shows in the editor but displays like this with no way of adding events or anything. This happened after i relaunched to update gdevelop which for some reason actually removed the whole thing from my system, and then i was forced to run setup again which i think might be the problem. Well anyways does anybody know how i can get it back? i have an old project file thats fairly up to date but i dont really want to have to add everything back that i changed since that version.