Error during build gamer

I want to build my game. After few second program receive message “Something wrong happened :(”. When I opened logs there is one communicate “Error: Application entry file “main.js” in the “/worker/dist-2d983a2e-be08-4dbb-9d28-faff9157b496/win-unpacked/resources/app.asar” is corrupted: Error: Failed to read data with length of 4”.
What Should I do?

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It seems that something went wrong during install and the file(s?) got corrupted. My advice would be to uninstall GD5 and install it again.

This error comes from the online service, in no case it is due to the GD5 on your PC.

However there has been a change and the previous version of GD before GD5 beta 87 can no longer export correctly to the online service.

If you don’t have the latest version I invite you to download it on the website.
If you already have it then please be aware that the service can be overloaded at certain times of the day.
I invite you to retry your export later.

If you always get an error from the service then your game may have a problem, in this case send the complete game project to the developers for them to look at.