[Error game] Slushy

this game uses your mouse to jump When you click it jumps over to the mouse you get fruits to upgrade jump distance and double jumps at last point you get so high that you’re inside another dimension after that you get errors higher you get more errors you get at last point everything goes BOOM!

Start of game

Into space


Start menu

loading screen

Beta release coming out!

:white_check_mark: Custom skins
:white_check_mark: Keyboard custom controls
:white_check_mark: Beta Page
:x: Infinity coloured slushy
:x: infinity level generator
:white_check_mark: Available on all PC’s and laptops types
:x: Custom graphics and icons
:x: Available on Android devices And apple(¬‿¬)


Wow, I love the sprites

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Oh, thanks you can download the game on itch.io I made some of the assets myself