Error in rendering the preview

One time i was using GDevelop as usual, and then i clicked to preview the game. A blank black screen and nothing on it in the second scene (the first one worked). I could ESC from the second scene to the first (i did it in the visual code), besides that, nothing did work. I don’t know what to do.

Well, it sounds like there’s a problem with your second scene, so check everything. Assets, events, behaviors, etc.

Could you provide us with a screenshot of your events for both scenes?

As mentioned above, there’s quite a few things that it could be, I’d recommend checking the following (testing after each step):

  1. If you have a lighting layer on the second scene, try deleting it.
  2. Disable all events in the second scene
  3. Access the resources tab for your project, right-click any listed item, and go through each “Remove invalid” options.

OK i got it working. Thank you.
The problem was in the lightning layer, i deleted it and moved “the light” to base layer.

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If you still have the bugged project you can send it to me, or by private message on this forum to see what was the original bug.

Sadly no (already added a lot of content), but i think it’s due to the overload? I’ve had something similar where i, by accident, made an action that just made 20 copies a second of a high resolution object. Same “bug”, just a condition was needed.

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