Error opening file

Hello, it’s me again, I don’t know if this is detrimental to the project but it is a somewhat strange error, it happened to me when I was modifying the game and when I wanted to test it, I only got a black screen without the conometer so I decided to leave it. and when I wanted to open it, this came out
I don’t know why it happened but it was weird, I don’t know if the file could be solved

Go to the project folder and check the size of the .json file if is 0KB maybe is corrupted, find an autosave.json and duplicate that file then change the name of the copy to yourgamename.json and try again.

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Many thanks,
Apparently if it worked, I appreciate it

Hi so it work?
Is a good practice to camelcase the name of your game file like MyFunGame.json or just name it in lowercase like myfungame.json but not include spaces or any other character like " or ’

anyway thanks, i already removed the spaces in the file :smiley: