Error Uploading Game To Web


I am new to this, so everything is difficult for me. Sorry.

I’ve made a game, previously I had no trouble exporting it to web, but now I have. When uploading the loading bar fills up, does nothing for about 10 seconds, and then tells me there was an ‘error exporting the game online. Please check your internet connection and try again.’

My internet works fine. Any idea what’s up?

Hope you can help,

The game building service can have difficulties when there is a lot of demand.
The team knows the problem and we have some suggestions for improvement.
If you have a small game and it is not available after 10 minutes know that something has failed, consider the building of the game as a failure and retry later.

Ok, I’ll just keep on trying.

Thank you!

mrbram: if you are still testing your game, and you have a subscription to an internet service provider (I use MacHighway) with your own domain name, you can load your game to your website and test it without having to depend on the service.

That would be great! Is there a thread somewhere that explains how to do that? Sorry, again, I’m a noob…


mrbram - not sure if you are a Mac or Windows fan, but the major obstacle to setting up a website on an ISP (internet service provider) is $$. I use MacHighway which costs me $49.50 for the “small plan” hosting (10Gig of space, 20 Email addresses, unlimited bandwidth) and $17.50 for the domain name renewal (domain name is the stuff after WWW - eg. With MacHighway, the first year of domain name cost is free. They also throw in all sorts of no-cost extras if you want to experiment. What I like about MacHighway is they have good documentation and their support line (email or phone) is very responsive - a a noob, this is a definite positive feature.

Once you have your site up, there is some configuration to be done using a utility called cPanel. Again, their documentation is very good and they include both Mac, Windows and Linux examples. After configuring, the last piece requires the installation of an FTP (file transfer protocol) client on your local computer. This is the software that will handle sending the files to their server. For OS X, they recommend Transit. For windows, there are a number of good options - here are some to look at: Windows FTP clients

Once you have configured the FTP client for your ISP (not very hard - usually just 3 things required - where are the files being sent, User ID for the account, account password), you just drag and drop the files from your local machine to the FTP software and the transfer happens. Then you can test your game by entering your domain name and the file folder where you put the game.

So if your domain name is and you created a folder on the server named game1, you would enter: in your browser.

Again, a bit of a push for a noob, but once set up, you can also host your own private website (some of the tools in cPanel make it very easy to create a website (e.g. wordpress, joomla, gallery, coppermine, lychee, etc.).

Hope this helps a bit.

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