Error while exporting the game


I just updated to GDevelop 5.0.0-beta99, and every time I try to export a project to a stand alone game I get this error:

Then after I press OK I get this:

I checked my internet connection and everything is good on my end. I am getting 100 Mbps connection speed.

I was wondering if this a bug in beta99, or a problem with the build service?

Someone on the discord reported that switching back to beta 98 solved it


Thanks for the info arthuro555. I guess I will switch back for now.

You can go to Beta 100 now, it should have fixed the issue


Thank you, Fancy2209. Yes, it’s fixed in beta100. It works great now! :smiley:

it writes to me that beta 98 is still the latest. did I miss something?

@Gyuszko it did the same thing to me. I thought it might be because I had auto update turned off in the Preferences. So I downloaded beta100 from GDevelop’s website, and installed it manually. If you click on the “WHAT’S NEW?” tab it should still tell you what the latest version is no matter what version you are on.

This might be another bug that deserves it’s own bug report?

yes this might be, because I have the auto update turned ON.